Guardian Donor Rewards

BOOK YOUR TRAVEL, SAVE AND SUPPORT OUR TOUR: We are very excited to announce our funding partnership with Guardian Travel which has developed a proprietary breakthrough technology that will save you valuable time and money.  As a Legacy Guardian Donor, you will have exclusive access to enjoy the deeper unpublished travel discounts and other exciting rewards with your Vortex Platinum Wholesale Travel Membership that comes with a 150% lowest price difference guarantee.  LET’S BLESS ONE ANOTHER:   Additionally, you will enjoy a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP by referring 3 Legacy Guardian Donors to support our national tour celebrating humanity causing your $59 monthly pledge to vanish forever.

1.  Every group of seven (7) memberships equals $1,000.00 (unlimited)
2.  100 memberships in 30 days = $50,000.00 

Contact us directly at 347-395-0259

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